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Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

At Restoration Osteopathic Medicine, we focus especially on those who have not responded to traditional treatment by their primary care provider or specialist(s). Just like Dermatology, Cardiology or Oncology, OMT is a specialty subset of medical knowledge and skills. While all osteopathic physicians are trained to do it, only a few dedicate sufficient time and energy to become experts.

We serve our patients as a partner to their Primary Care Providers (PCPs), offering skillset that addresses conditions many PCPs find frustrating and difficult to resolve. OMT is a very specialized, hands-on skill that provides the physician a unique set of tools to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction directly. [MR1] We carefully examine anything that may be contributing to your condition and work with you to fine-tune a treatment plan.

Our Restoration Osteopathic Medicine physicians are board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Neuromuscular Medicine and have spent thousands of hours developing our skills as experts in OMT.

At Restoration Osteopathic Medicine, we believe the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. We intend to remove the barriers to the healing process and allow you to improve your health and create lasting change.
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